What is Crowfall? Brief Overview of the Game

Crowfall is a very unique take on the MMORPG genre. It can be described as a mixture between an MMORPG and a strategy game.  It’s being developed by Artcraft Entertainment and features unique maps, rules, and victory conditions. It’s essentially an MMO that you can win, and is described by the developers as a throne war simulator.

Crowfall is a very heavily pvp based, but has an incredibly intricate crafting system that plays a huge part in the game as well. 

Combat in crowfall is action based. There is no tab targeting. Crowfall is a partial loot MMO. So, when you die everything in your inventory will become lootable, but the items you have equipped are safe from being looted. There is both open world pvp and large scale siege battles that take place. Leveling in Crowfall is very quick by design so that you can jump right into the action.


In Crowfall there are not any traditional dungeons or raids and the game focuses heavily on controlling territory and performing tasks that give your faction or guild points towards winning what’s called a campaign. 

So, in a nutshell, you will create a character, join a campaign, fight to win that campaign, that campaign will then end after X amount of days, and then you’ll start the process over again. 

So, what exactly is a campaign? Well, a campaign in Crowfall is essentially a “server” or “realm” in a traditional MMO. However, there are a few very important differences. 

The most notable is that a campaign does NOT last forever. They have a beginning and an end, and at the end of every campaign there is a winning team. 

Each campaign is made up of multiple floating islands connected by runegates, and each of these islands will have a unique map in every single campaign.

The length and the ruleset of each campaign will vary from campaign to campaign. Some will be faction vs faction, and some will be guild vs guild. Some will last 30 days and others may last 6 months.  Monster spawns, node types, and victory conditions can also vary from one campaign to the next.

So, if the world that you have been playing the game in for the past several months ends, what happens then? Does the game still feel like an MMO or is it basically a wipe after every single campaign? And, if you win what do you get?

Well, if your team wins a campaign you will be rewarded, but that reward will vary based on the campaign. Winning also results in being allowed to export more items out of that campaign world. You can export things like stacks of gold, resource items, or arcane relics. Those items can then be  imported into another campaign, assuming the rules of the next campaign allow it. 

So, when a campaign ends you take your character, your equipment, and the spoils of war from that Campaign and move on to the next. This gives the game a feeling of permanence while still allowing late-arriving players a chance to be competitive. 

There are also personal worlds, or Eternal Kingdoms, that are player-run and permanent. These Eternal Kingdoms never go away and can be ever evolving by the player. Think of these as a next level player housing, but instead of just having a house you get to basically create your own server. You can place parcels of land, buildings, create a pvp arena, use it for personal housing, or open it to the public and create a vendor mall. 

So, the whole idea is that players can participate in a series of campaigns over the life of the character, and then use the Eternal Kingdoms as a staging area between campaigns. 

Crowfall recently entered into  Alpha, and is still very much an alpha game, but you can buy the game and play it right now in its current state by going to crowfall.com and purchasing a backer pack. The lowest priced package starts out at $50 and that package will grant you immediate access to the game.

-- TheBDLG
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