Crowfall launches 5.125 patch on test server

Crowfall put its latest version of the alpha, 5.125, up on its Test Servers on 7.22 and have made mulitple updates to the client since then.  This update Included Several quality of life updates as well as changes to core game play features including:

  • Varying siege timers to help support both NA and EU guilds
  • Introduced two new Keep (player owned territories) Including the Mini Keep and Medium Keep
  • The next chapter of Crowfall's New Player Experience in the Gods Reach Campaign
  • A massive change in mobility and how dodging works in game.  There are now two types of dodge that are tied to all of the races:  A 10 meter dodge that allow the player two dodge pips that regenerate once every 11 seconds (Human, Half Elf, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Elken, and Minotaur} and a 20 meter dodge that allow only one dodge pip that regenerates  every 22 seconds ( Guinecean, Centaur, Nethari, and Wood Elf
  • Changes to the way Crowd Control Immunity works and how long a player is immune to CC after Retaliation.  CC immunity time has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds. They also changed the overall time that someone receives CC immunity from the Resolve Trait from 8 seconds all the way down to 3 seconds.
  • Increased the Number of Power Tray Slots (active ability slots) from 8 to 10 base slots.
  • Reduced the amount of players AOE skills can hit to 3 targets
  • removed Ranges from a Weapons Power and replaced it with a static number

This was a pretty significant patch, with many more changes including Class adjustments and performance improvements!  For the full list of changes check out the official Forums here:
-- redbyrd
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