Races of Crowfall: High- Elf

This article will detail the bonuses to choosing a High-Elf as your race is Crowfall! High-Elves can be Knights, Assassins, Confessors, and Frostweavers. First we will look at their passive bonuses.

Acrobatics- Has a chance to restore one dodge pip when performing a right click dodge roll. What this means: Whenever you dodge there is a chance that dodge pip will be refunded potentially allowing you to dodge more than twice in a row.

Hauteur- Increases Critical damage by 5%

Vanity- Increases elemental resistance by 500 What this means: You gain 5% more Electric, Fire, and Ice resistance.

Mental Fortitude- Increases power efficiency by 10% does not stack with Weapon Finesse. What this means: Your powers will cost 10% less resource up to your cap but this passive will be overwritten by the Weapon Finesse minor rune which grants 20% power efficiency bonus.

High Elves have a second Amulet slot. What this means: As a high elf you can equip two different amulets (you are not able to have the same cut of gem for both amulets). Early game this isn't very beneficial since it is difficult to make amulets that are worthwhile. However, when jewelcrafters are able to make high quality amulets High-Elves can get some pretty nice stat bonuses to combat and crafting with 2 amulets.

High-Elves receive a bonus of +30 intellect.

Now let's look at High-Elves active abilities.

Humiliate- Debuffs enemy increasing their power cost multiplier by 15% for 30 seconds. What this means: Enemies affected by humiliate have their powers cost 15% more resource. This is especially effective against enemies like Knights and Myrmidons who use larger parts of their resource bar in order to use abilities.

High Elves have two 10 meter dodge rolls.

With the normalization of dodge length for races High-Elves can potentially go the furthest of the races with their dodges if they luck out and refund a pip using their Acrobatics passive. This makes them a decently mobile option for Confessors and Frostweavers. Their high intellect also lends itself to supporting Confessors and Frostweavers who's main stat is intelligence. High Elves are a decent pick for each of their classes but are most often seen as Confessors or Frostweavers.

-- Cremdalacrem
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