Races of Crowfall: Half Giant

Let's look at the Half-Giant race of Crowfall! Half-Giants have some really great passives and active abilities that make them an interesting candidate for most of the classes they can play (Champion, Myrmidon, or Cleric).

Most of the Half-Giant passives are for increasing damage and their racial bonus of +65 constitution and +60 strength synergize well with the Myrmidon or Champion.

Brawny- Increases Critical Damage by 10%. What it means: This passive is pretty straightforward increasing critical hit damage by 10%. This is quite a decent increase for dps classes especially Titan spec. Myrmidons!

Gigantism- Large physical size requires you to eat more food. Reducing food regen rate by 10 seconds. What it means: Half-Giants (like Centaurs) have to eat food more often than smaller races.

Maken Me Mad- Grants stacks of Maken Me Mad whenever you are damaged for less than 200 health. If 5 stacks are gained within 30 seconds you gain Giant Smash buff. Giant Smash increased damage and healing by 5% for 12 seconds and restores some resource. What it means: When you take light hits as a Half-Giant in quick succession you gain increased damage and healing. Since the classes the Half-Giant can play are usually in the thick of the fighting it is relatively easy to get this passive to proc as there are many dots or AoE hits that will fall under the 200 damage mark. The bonus healing and resource restore is especially helpful for Clerics.

Sticks and Stones- Increases logging and quarrying by 10. What it means: When harvesting trees or stone the Half-Giant will deal 10 more points of damage to the harvesting node making them excellent early game loggers and quarriers. 
 Now we will discuss the active powers that Half-Giants receive.

Backhand- stuns target and deals 133 +133% weapon damage. What it means: This is one of the few quick non-combo stuns available in game and makes it excellent for interrupting an enemies combo or channeled ability! The stun itself doesn't last very long but it can synergize well with a Myrmidon or Champion Half-Giant.

Blood of Giants- Increases damage and healing by 5%, adds a barrier and restores resource. What it means: This ability uses a resource called "hate" that builds (shown by the ability icon filling up) which you generate by hitting or being hit. When the ability is castable it will flash on your bar. You can store up to two charges of this ability and each time you use it you gain the 5% damage/healing. You also gain a very shortlasting barrier and some of your classes native resource back each time you use the ability. When both charges are used the ability will go on cool-down and you will not generate "hate" until it is available again. This ability is amazing for use on Clerics and Myrmidons as it provides up to 10% healing and damage when both charges are used and increases survivability by providing that quick barrier. Half-Giant clerics can use this ability to restore their mana and make them the only race that can play a cleric and not be required to take the Field Surgeon discipline for the Noble Purpose mana restore passive. Half-Giant champions do not get to use both Blood of Giants and their class abilities that also use "hate" as a resource since they share a cooldown.

Half-Giants receive two 10m dodges.

Half-Giant is an excellent choice for damage focused Myrmidons and playing a Cleric without field surgeon. The half-giant can still be a decent pick for Champions with the only downside being you do not benefit from the Blood of Giants active power like Myrmidons or Clerics do. 


-- Cremdalacrem
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