Races of Crowfall: Guinecean

This article will cover the Guinecean race of Crowfall! They are able to be either a Knight, Cleric, or Duelist. Currently Guineceans are the only race that can select to be Duelists.

Their Passive traits are as follows. They receive an innate Dex+60 Int +30 giving them good base stats for certain crafts especially at advanced training and vessels.

Caravan Master- plentiful haul +1: What this means is that when running caravans (pack pigs) Guineceans receive an extra bonus when turning in for building materials. Every other race starts with only 1 plentiful haul but because of this trait Guineceans start at 2 plentiful haul. This makes them the best caravan runners since they are the only race that can achieve a full 3 plentiful haul with the rank 3 caravansary buff!

Double Jump- Guineceans are able to jump an extra time in the air to get to hard to reach places.

Epicurean- 15% food consumption statistic: What this means is Guineceans don't need to eat as much food as other races.

Superior weapons: plus 8 damage to weapons: This is an amazing bonus to Duelists and Swordsman Spec knight Guineceans as a raw 8 damage increase scales well at any stage of the game. This is equivalent to free 80 attack power!

Extra ring slot- Guineceans receive 3 ring slots allowing them to take another ring cut type. This is most beneficial for crafters in the late game since it allows them to equip more crafting stat rings.

Now lets look at the active radials for Guineceans.

Saltpepper Rounds (duelist class only): buff pistol attacks to slow targets and increase distance bonus by 5 for 20 seconds. This ability is great for keeping enemies in range or  from running from you!

Stealth Tray (non-Duelist)- Stealth tray but drains stamina as long as you are stealthed. Besides their small stature this really sets Guineceans apart since even their Knights and Clerics can enter stealth! This is great for close escapes or setting up ambushes. It does have a cooldown though so you wont be as slippery as a Duelist.

Guineceans recieve one 20 meter dodge pip.

Guineceans are the best caravan runners for your guild. They also can make some great ganking squads and their small stature helps them be less of a target in fights!

-- Cremdalacrem
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