Races of Crowfall: Fae

This guide will detail the Fae Race who can be Knights, Assassins, Druids, Frost Weavers. Let's First look at the Passive skills.

Double Jump: Allows you to jump again at the apex of your first jump. This is one of the main reasons to go Fae as a race since it allows you to get up to usually hard to reach places. This is especially useful for druids and frost weavers looking to get nice vantage points on buildings and rocks and allows assassins to escape onto structures their pursuers cannot reach.

Born under the knife: Increase melee power damage bonus by 3%. This is only useful for Knights and Assassins  but it makes you deal 3% more damage with melee weapons.

Glide: Reduces your falling speed. You can Activate this power with the jump key after a successful double jump or while falling. What this means: You can glide from mountain tops and rocks onto enemy bases and into canyons without taking fall damage. This is great for ganking people in canyons or escaping to places your opponents might hesitate to follow.

Improbable Antidote: has a chance to instantly remove all toxin effects on you whenever a toxin effect is applied to you. What it means: Every time an assassin toxin is applied to you there is a chance to remove the previous toxin proc on you. This is only useful when fighting assassins at the moment.

Toxic Tolerance: Increases your organic resistance by 500. What it means: You take 5% less damage from organic attacks (Toxins).

The Fae recieve two 10 meter dodges.

Additionally the Fae receive a bonus +30 int +30 dex

The Fae only recieve one Active Ability which is Faerie Fire. What it means: Lines and enemy in faerie fire decreasing their anti-critical strike by 8% for 30 seconds. The target cannot stealth while affected. This is extremely effective against classes that can stealth such as Duelists, Assassins, and Brigand Rangers. 

Most Fae are taken by Arch Druids or Frost Weavers in order to get up on top of buildings and rocks in order to get better vantage points to create aoe bombs and minefields.

-- Cremdalacrem
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