Races of Crowfall: Elken

This article will look at the Elken race of Crowfall. They can be Clerics, Confessors, Knights, Rangers, or Templars. Elken have a high base constitution but a low intelligence cap and good mobility with their active ability. They also are the only race that can see stealth!

Let's look at their passives. Elken Passives are not very strong but they can help create some interesting builds.

Follow Through- increase range distance cap by 5. What this means: Elken get to add 5 more meters to the CAP of their range distance bonus. The normal base cap is 20 meters. Meaning your base range of 15 meters can only be increased by up to 20 (total of 35). As an Elken you can get your range up to 40 meters. You will still need to use things like crafted vessels and carrot juice to utilize this increase in range distance cap but an Elken confessor can potentially have 5 more meter range than a confessor of any other race.

Gaea's Tears- increase critical healing amount statistic by 10%. What it means: When you are playing an Elken healer your critical heals are increased by 10%. This talent is really only useful for Clerics and Paladin spec Templars.

Tannin Techniques- increase leatherworking and and leatherworking experimentation by 10. What it means: In the early to mid game Elken make the best leather-workers due to these base increases in assembly and experimentation for leather working. 

Trailmaster- OOC movement 25%. What This means: After you leave combat and stay out of combat you aquire the “Pathfinding” buff which lasts for 10 seconds base but can be increased or decreased via certain buffs/debuffs/training. After the pathfinding expires you will gain Trailmaster and 25% increased runspeed. Having a bard in your group or using a mount will override Trailmaster but in the early game it is a nice boost to speed to have for any class.

Quiver Proficiency Trait- What this means: Elken can use a quiver without being a Archer/Warden Spec ranger or using the Arcane Archer or Sharpshooter disciplines. This is mostly useful for a Brigand Spec archer to be able to use a quiver without using a corresponding bow discipline.

Now let's look at the active abilities.

Head Butt- 20m charge knocking down enemies 91+91% damage. This crushes an enemy who is actively using a block leaving them open for attack. What this means: You get an extra 20 meter movement charge (!!!!) which is very useful for increasing mobility for every class the Elken can play. It is very useful for quick repositioning and the knockdown at the end is an added bonus. This is one of the main reasons to bring an Elken since mobility can be very important in Crowfall.

Gestalt- activates shadow sight allowing you to detect stealth for 15 seconds power has an extremely high perception base. What it means: For 15 seconds an Elken can see Assassins, Brigands, and Duelists in stealth that are nearby without investing in being a Warden Ranger or the Mole Hunter discipline. This is handy if you are dealing with lots of stealth classes harassing you but you don't want to commit to Mole Hunter discipline. It is also worth noting that An Elken warden can have 100% uptime on stealth detection when using this ability in conjunction with their class kit!

The Elken also recieve two 10 meter dodge pips.

In summary the Elken is a hardy Race that excels in stealth detection and mobility. They make excellent stealth detection confessors in the early mid game but their low intelligence cap prevents them from benefiting most from that classes main stat. The Elken is the iconic Warden and super specialist in stealth detection. Using Head Butt as a Cleric or Templar gives classes that are usually low on mobility have a much better time of moving around the battlefield.

-- Cremdalacrem
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