Races of Crowfall: Centaur

The Centaurs of Crowfall are usually a strong pick for a race choice for your class. They can be Knights, Clerics, Champions and the Racial Passives/Actives are useful in all three picks. I will go over them below!

The Centaur Race has a good number of passive traits. These do not need to get slotted onto your power bar and provide their effects without any need of toggling them.

  • Hungry as a horse: Requires more food. Regen rate reduced by 20 seconds. What this means: You will need to carry more food on you for longer journeys or visit a food restore (the well in a holding or the Tree of Life in the Temple). This is the only negative to being a Centaur.

  • Legions strength: 75 AP/SP to group mates. What this means: You and your whole group get a 7.5 weapon damage bonus in the form of AP and 75 more support power for healers. Centaur Clerics make great use of this buff by making the DPS in their group stronger while also increasing their own base support power. This buff stacks with other AP and SP increasing buffs.

  • Sure Footed: Damage does not cause dismounting. What this means: While other races have a chance to be dismounted simply from taking damage a Centaur can only be dismounted when a hard crowd control effect is applied to them. This synergizes extremely well with Knights who have a bonus to mounted speed in their talent tree making them excellent chasers.

  • Trailmaster: 25% movement increase out of combat after “pathfinding”. What this means: After you leave combat and stay out of combat you aquire the “Pathfinding” buff which lasts for 10 seconds base but can be increased or decreased via certain buffs/debuffs/training. After the pathfinding expires you will gain Trailmaster and 25% increased runspeed. Having a bard in your group or using a mount will override Trailmaster but in the early game it is a nice boost to speed to have for any class.

  • Highest base stat is Constitution(CON)- What this means: More health and more barrier bonus for surviving damage.
Now let's look at the active abilities that centaurs receive as a race that can be slotted directly onto your power bar.

  • Wild Charge: 15m charge 123+123% weapon damage to targets in rectangle in front. Also applies 20% armor break. What this means: You have a mobility skill that pushes enemies out of your way and increases their damage taken from physical attacks. This ability is amazing for both Champion and Knights as both use physical damage and synergize well with the rest of their base kits. Since it is a debuff applied to the target every member of your team benefits from an increase of physical damage to the afflicted target(s).

  • Rear Kick: kick behind inflicting knockdown and 75+75% weapon damage. What it means: If an enemy is directly behind you they will take damage and be knocked down after using this ability. This skill is not usually slotted as in most situations you will be facing your enemies head on as a Centaur.

  • One 20 meter dodge- Centaurs boast one of the longest dodges in the game but only get one charge of it every 22 seconds.

Overall Centaurs are an extremely strong pick as a race for any of the classes they can be. If you like being a big target that can charge through enemies and support your allies then Centaur is the race for you!

-- Cremdalacrem
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