Crowfall Banking System Explained

There are 2 different types of banks in the game, an Account bank and an Embargo or campaign Vault. 

First, let’s take a look at the account bank. Every player in the game has an account bank, and as the name implies it’s an account wide bank. It can be used to transfer items between characters on that specific account. The account bank is the only type of bank accessible while you are in God’s Reach, the starter world for new players. As you level in God’s reach and obtain items within God’s reach you can bank them and import them into a campaign if that campaign's rule set allows it. 

However, once you are inside a campaign, and your character is locked to that campaign the account bank can not be accessed. 

The Embargo vault, by contract, is a campaign specific bank. This means that each time you start a new campaign your embargo vault for that campaign will be empty, unless you have imported some items from your account bank. The number of items you can import into a campaign is based on that campaign’s rule set, and each campaign will have varying rules. 

Once your campaign ends you can only export a certain amount of items from your embargo vault into your account bank. Depending on how well you and your team performed during the campaign determines the amount of items you can export out of that campaign. The rest of the items stored in that campaign’s embargo vault will be lost. 

The size of the campaign specific embargo vault changes based on campaign type. A good rule of thumb is the longer and riskier the campaign, the larger the embargo vault. 

In order to import and export items you will need to be on the menu screen, click vault at the top of your screen, and there you will see the items in your account vault and your embargo or campaign vaults. In order for a specific campaign to appear, you will first need to log into that campaign. Once you log out of that campaign and click vault it will appear under the available banks.  You can have different characters in different campaigns at the same time, so it’s possible to have multiple campaign banks or embargo vaults listed. 

It’s important to note here that although the embargo vaults are campaign specific, all characters on your account that are in the same campaign will share the same embargo vault. 

-- TheBDLG
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