Crowfall Beginner's Guide to Disciplines

The Discipline System in Crowfall allows players to further customize their characters build, past their race, class, subclass, and talent tree choices.  Each character has two major and 3 minors discipline slots (4 for some races) that can be unlocked through their characters talent tree.  (NOTE - Player must choose to unlock discipline slots - costing 13 talent points in total) Players can purchase these disciplines from vendors or have them crafted by a player in game.  Just like most things in Crowfall, disciplines come in different levels of quality from common to legendary.  A player may change disciplines at any time, though the currently equipped one will be destroyed when unequipped. 

Major Disciplines can greatly effect the way your character performs both in and out of combat.  Which Major Disciplines you choose can greatly change the way your character plays.  For Instance, the Major Discipline Underdog is a major discipline centered around your characters response to Crowd Control effects.  This Discipline can be equipped by all classes, but its important to note some major and minor disciplines limit which class can use them.  Underdog grants 1 Active powers and 3 passive Powers.  Deadly Retaliation is an Active ability that replaces your classes standard retaliation with one that increase the damage of retaliation and grants a Guaranteed Critical Strike on Hit.  This can be very powerful for classes with an increased Critical Damage stat.  Underdog further modifies your retaliation with the passive ability, Death Throw.  This passive adds Knockdown to your retaliation when your characters health is under 50%.  Payback is another passive ability that increase your critical strike chance by 50% for 30 seconds, or until you crit 3 times, any time you use your retaliation ability.  The Final passive ability gained is one that shares its name with the Discipline, Underdog.  Underdog grants 100 attack power for 30 seconds anytime you are stunned or knocked down.  This effect can stack on itself. 

Minor Disciplines typically grant one passive power, though some do grant an active ability.  Minor Disciplines can have a stand alone affect or have a power that compliments the way another active or passive power works.  For instance Explosive Thorns is a minor discipline that adds an additional effect to another minor discipline called Thorn Shield.  Thorn Shield applies a buff to your character that cause an attacker to take damage when they attack you. As you can see below, Explosive Thorns adds a passive increased area of effect to Thorn Shields Active ability.

As you can tell, Disciplines can greatly change the effectiveness of your character in any category.  There are Disciplines that increase damage after loosing stealth, make you more efficient at both gathering and crafting, and even make your character into a musical Bard!  There are currently more than 1000 combinations of Major and minor Disciplines in Crowfall and more to come, as Artcraft plans to add disciplines as time goes on.

-- redbyrd
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