Beginner Guide to Champion

The champion is a melee bruiser class that can wield either a 2 handed great axe or a 2 handed great mace, and can be played by 4 different races in the game. The Centaur, Half-Giant, Minotaur, and Stoneborn. Each race has its advantages as the Champion class, and I really wouldn't say that there’s just one that’s head and shoulders above the rest, but if I were hard pressed to choose the best I would probably go with the Minotaur simply for the frontal stun immunity, but at the end of the day I think it boils down to your preference and play-style. But, for the purposes of this article we’re not going to dig too deep into the races. We’re going to focus on the class itself. 

Like all classes in Crowfall, the champion has 3 different promotion classes to choose from. 

The Alpha Warrior Promotion class is centered around dishing out high melee damage, specifically, critical damage.  

The Pit fighter promotion class is a very tanky version of the champion centered around self-healing and maximum health. Choosing a pit fighter also gives the champion class the ability to wear plate armor. 

The Barbarian promotion class is a very CC heavy or crowd control heavy promotion class centered around applying consistent CC to your opponent.  

I’m not going to go super in depth with the talent tree, but I did want to focus on a few things within the tree that may help you out if you’re just starting out with the class. So, as you progress through the talent tree you’re going to have to take an ability called massive cleave. Now, in the tooltip of Massive cleave it states that you will do more damage with the ability when you activate it with a point of dominance. 

So, what the heck is dominance? Well, it’s a resource that can only be gained when you choose the Alpha Warrior Promotion Class. So, your champion will not be building any dominance at all until you progress towards the end of the talent tree, lock into the alpha warrior promotion class, and learn either dominant smashing which gives you a point of dominance every time you land a critical hit with a basic attack, or dominant leap which gives you a point of dominance every time you use your leap ability. And, of course, you can learn both of those abilities for more ways to earn dominance. 

Your dominance pips will fill up the meter you see above your skill bar, and will deplete a pip every time you use an ability that utilizes points of dominance. Remember, you will not gain dominance if you do not learn the abilities that were mentioned above.

The Champion also uses another resource to activate abilities called Rage. Rage is the primary resource of the champion, and you can see detailed information about your Rage by clicking the details button on your character profile and scrolling down to the resource section. Most abilities you activate while playing the Champion class use rage and you can see the amount of rage required by hovering over the ability and viewing the tool-tip. 

In order to generate rage on your champion you simply need to land basic attacks on your target. As you generate rage you will begin to see a red meter fill up right below your health, and as you use abilities that require rage it will deplete. 

You also have an ultimate ability that uses soul power. Every class in the game utilizes soul power to activate their ultimate. You generate soul power every time you take damage. You can also get a new Ultimate in each promotion class within the talent tree. The champion gains a modified Neckbreaker ultimate, which is the ultimate the champion starts with at level 1, in both the alpha warrior and barbarian promotion classes, and receives a new ultimate called invincible warrior when you choose the pitfighter class. 

It’s important to note that you have the choice as to which ultimate you use when you choose the pitfighter class, but when choosing one of the other promotion classes the default Neckbreaker ultimate is simply modified to use less soulpower so it can be cast more often. 

The last thing I wanted to point out with this class are the 3 abilities that are near the center of the talent tree. Mighty warrior, ultimate warrior, and brutal warrior. There’s not much information about these abilities on the tool-tips so I wanted to go over how they work because they are very important to your class. You’ll notice on the tool-tip of these abilities that they use yet another resource called hate. 

You also generate hate by auto attacking your target, just like you do with rage, but hate is independent of rage and only used for these 3 abilities. You can see your hate generating on the actual ability bar by looking at one or all of the warrior abilities. 

So let’s talk about warrior abilities.

Mighty warrior increases your bonus damage by up to 20%, restores rage, and prevents damage equal to 20% of your maximum health, and can be stacked twice. When first activated it initially lasts 2 minutes. During that 2 minute time frame that the ability is active you can still auto attack enemies and gain hate. However, if you activate one of the other warrior abilities while mighty warrior is still active then mighty warrior goes away and the ability you activated is now active. 

But, if you activate mighty warrior a second time you will then get a 30 second cool-down. During this 30 seconds you can not generate any hate. Once the 30 seconds end you can then begin generating hate once again. 

Brutal warrior has the same mechanics as mighty warrior. First activation is 2 minutes and second activation is 30 seconds with no hate regeneration. Upon activating brutal warrior you will knockdown and damage enemies and prevent damage equal to 20% of your maximum health. 

It’s worth noting here that the 2 minute cool-down mechanic is implemented to allow you enough time to gain a second stack of one of the above warrior abilities. 

The 3rd warrior ability, ultimate warrior can not stack twice, and therefore bypasses the 2 minute cool down phase. Once activated it has a 30 second timer and you can not generate hate during that time. Using ultimate warrior heals you, restores rage, and prevents damage equal to 20% of your maximum health while activated.  

None of the warrior abilities can be activated at the same time, but all have different purposes. So it’s worth taking into consideration your play style when building your champion. For example, If you’re going for a straight tank build then you may only want to take Ultimate warrior and utilize your other 2 talent points elsewhere in the talent tree. Or, you can take all 3 and utilize them situationally. 

-- TheBDLG
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